NaviMinds is the leading provider of EASA compliant Crew Resource Management and Human Factors courses in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. 

We offer custom made courses, in-house training, consultancy services and training material. Our courses are designed to take Human Factors and Crew Resource Management to new levels.

We endeavour to promote learning through excitement, surprise and eye openers. Always ensuring that participants will get a lot of new inspiration and material.

Not only do our CRM courses meet the standards set by EASA-OPS, FAA and ICAO. They are dynamic and designed to fit modern times. And we guarantee that our course material and contents will help to improve your CRM and Human Factors training.

Maybe you are in aviation. Maybe in healthcare, railroads, offshore or other. It does not matter. Our courses are for everyone. The contents are creative, dynamic and easily adjusted to fit in any modern setting where safety is paramount.

Based in central Copenhagen, Denmark we are in a convenient location for both Scandinavia 
and Europe.


A bit of what we offer

  • CRM Instructor Courses
  • Teaching and Learning Courses
  • Initial and Recurrent Courses
  • HPL Courses
  • Human Factors Courses
  • Development of training material and manuals and recurrent cycles


Great real refresher with fresh minds and new waves. Interactive, attractive, realistic, practical….

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Trainings Tips: How to debrief a Group Exercise

A step-by-step guide to extracting the “essentials” during a debriefing

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How do we make crew members reflect and change behaviour?

In this edition of NaviMinds´Newsletter CEO and co-founder Anne Sølvsteen provides tips to take right into the classroom.

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First class training facilities in central Copenhagen, Denmark
  • CRM Trainer Certification Course  
  • 21 Nov 25 Nov 2016 – OPEN FOR SIGNUP
  • 23 Jan 27 Jan 2017 – OPEN FOR SIGNUP
  • 27 Feb 03 Mar 2017- OPEN FOR SIGNUP
  • 03 Apr 07 Apr 2017- OPEN FOR SIGNUP
  • 22 May 26 May 2017- OPEN FOR SIGNUP
  • CRM Trainer Refresher Course
  • 23 Nov 25 Nov 2016 – OPEN FOR SIGNUP
  • 25 Jan 27 Jan 2017 – OPEN FOR SIGNUP
  • 01 Mar 03 Mar 2017 – OPEN FOR SIGNUP
  • 05 Apr 07 Apr 2017 – OPEN FOR SIGNUP
  • 24 May 26 May 2017 – OPEN FOR SIGNUP


Below you will find a selection of video presentations. These are meant to serve as inspiration whilst giving you an idea of how we work. 

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Emotional Intelligence – it´s relevance in aviation training (EATS 2015)

Motivating Leadership – Anne Sølvsteen at EATS 2014, Estrell, Berlin

“How to become more assertive – simple tools that can help you achieve just that”

Captain Anne Sølvsteen from NaviMinds presents her ideas of how to increase awareness about facing increasing technology on the flight deck. Anne suggests a few tools that could help pilots of today challenge and intervene in puzzling situations (from the European Aviation Training Symposium 2013, Berlin)

NaviMinds´ presentation at the World Aviation Training Symposium 2013, Orlando. How listening and questioning techniques are vital when it comes to effective communication.